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With over 550 Cars, we are the largest weekly meet in the Southwest United States!


2750 Preston Toad
Frisco, Texas 75034


This is the one that you dont want to miss! A live rock concert, special guests, audiobahn, monster evergy and more all at the RKC Monday Night Meet in Fricso! Last week we had over 550 cars, an amazing tunrnout and we tied the vehicle attendance record for the biggest meet ever held in north texas! Cops were in attendence, and minimal problems were reported! This week we will have private security provided by HEARTLAND SERVICES and they are fully equipped. If you have a problem, just find a guard and they can radio back to me, or handle the situation. This will make the meet even more safe for you guys! Dont miss FRACAS on the PATIO stage at Cruisers at 9:30! These guys ROCK and are coming out to do the first concert at a monday night meet, as well as the first musical guest at cruisers on a monday! We will cut off the DJ when they come on stage so everyone can make their way over to watch! Also, monster will be back, so be sure to get your free drink tonight!

So what are the PERKS of the all new RKC Monday Night Meet in Frisco?
-Better Food
-Better Prices
-Better Service
-More Parking
-Resturant owned by an Auto Enthusiast
-Full Support from the City
-Full Permitted Permission from City, and Business Owners
-100% Cooperation and awarness with the local police.

MONSTER ENERGY is to return TONIGHT, as well as a LIVE ROCK CONCERT to kick that it off, so make you make it out with your ride tonight! Please help me out by following the meet rules and self policing the people around you!

This is a WEEKLY MEET unless otherwise posted, and is always held WEATHER PERMITTING, so please keep your eyes on the skys! If rain is falling from the sky, then dont come out!

The meet does NOT START UNTIL 8:30PM, so please dont get their early, as part of our agreement is that we will not take up the bussiness's parking lots during store hours, (before 9pm), thanks!

See you guys tonight! :)


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I will be there with my un-tuned
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