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1. Cleaning agent-spray for ovens

Removes fat and food residues. However, what is perfect for cleaning the oven can't provide the same effect to the discs. It is worth noting that the use of spray adversely affects the condition of the metal and paint wheels, and the reason for this is the aggressive ingredients of the aerosol. In addition, considerable effort will be required to remove the remnants of the spray from the surface of the disk. Also, due to improper care, the tire may become porous, which is a potential safety hazard when driving.

2. Acid / alkaline cleaning products

In addition to Shine, disk protection plays an important role. Despite the fact that alkaline and acidic agents eliminate dirt, they attack other surfaces at the same time. "Such tools will soon cause corrosion of the metal of the wheel disc and brake caliper," say professionals. It is worth remembering that when using acid and alkaline products, skin irritations may occur.

3. Steel brush, sandpaper, metal sponge

One of the biggest "crimes" is the use of steel brushes and sandpaper. With their help, you can remove dirt, at the same time spoiling the paint and the entire surface under it. As a consequence of the ugly scratches. When using a metal sponge, the same thing happens: what can clean the dishes from the burnt porridge harms the wheels. Instead of a beautiful appearance, you will get a scratched helmet and a disfigured disk surface.

4. Household cleaning agent

The name speaks for itself: household cleaning products should be used exclusively in everyday life. After their application, scratches remain, the paint layer is erased, and the metal undergoes rapid corrosion.

5. Lighter fluid

It's simple: we burn dirt! The effect of household cleaning with gasoline or lighter fluid is known among Housewives. Although the dirt is removed quite successfully, the combustible components remain on the brakes and wheels. Therefore, experts advise you to stay as far away from the fire as possible and in any case do not smoke.

6. Toothpaste and toothbrush

Fresh fragrance and protection for discs? It is quite obvious that using a toothbrush and toothpaste, you can remove dirt and dust from the wheels. Hard toothbrushes, tooth whiteners, and toothpaste actually work, but they are very inefficient and inconvenient.
7. High pressure washer

In standard car wash equipment, cleaning is performed under high pressure. But those who take care of their wheels should make sure that the water hose is not too close to the disc. Otherwise, the paint layer may be removed along with the dirt. The distance from the high-pressure hose to the disc should be approximately 30 centimeters.
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