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Wanted to give another review on the Predator tune I got from Tom last week. Although there was a little mix up in my order resulting in it not being shipped for a few weeks, I finally got it after a month of anxious waiting. During that time Tom might have gotten tired of hearing from me calling about the order, but he was always nice and helpful. [thumb]

Day 1

I got the tune last thursday and immediately flashed it into my 03 SVTF w/euro package. Tom had warned me that he wasn't sure if the traction control would be disabled since the euro SVT's have been inconsistant in whether or not the tune will disable it. I have not confirmed whether it has yet since I haven't tried launching it hard yet, but I did get a little wheel spin under hard acceleration in first. Maybe it did disable the TC...

At first I have to say that I wasn't too impressed with the tune, as it seemed to make the engine revs super soft/smooth, and I didn't notice much difference in seat of the pants power. Overall the engine seemed to run smoother, and although I thought my car didn't really surge before, after driving it with the tune I know it was...

Day 2

This was the first time I really drove the car for any distance since the first day was just a short test drive to be sure I could drive the car to work the next day with no problems. My commute to work is about 30 miles and on the way home that day I started noticing that the throttle response in any gear was much improved. Taking off from a start was also much better! The car seemed to have the "grunt" it was missing in stock form... I decided to take some fun backroads on the way home and soon realized the improvements of the tune! The car actually PULLS through the revs now!!! Before it would get going, but not really feel like it's pulling hrad until you get up into the higher revs. Now it pulls even down below 3000 RPM and then really gets ripping as you get up towards 5000 RPM.

The only downside that I noticed was that after sitting in some traffic ( in 75 degree weather) before I went onto the side roads for some fun I got some detonation under full throttle around 5000RPM.

Day 3

Starting the car to go to work I noticed that it cranked a little longer and didn't have a real positive fire up. Almost seemed as though it wasn't going to start, but it finally fired and stumbled a little before going the usual fast idle for warm up. Speaking of fast idle I also noticed that even when the car is warm it will restart and go to fast idle. I thought the tune got rid of that...?

Well, the car seemed to gain a little more power again today. Mainly I noticed slightly more throttle response and a little extra seat of the pants acceleration. The car is much improved it how it runs both power wise and in driveability. I think the best way to describe the improvement in power is that it feels like you're driving in a gear lower with the stock tune.

Day 4 and on

The tune seems to have settled in on day 3, so now I'm jsut enjoying pushing the pedal down and actually taking off with some authority[:D]

My only questions/concerns are the following:

1.) Noticed some detonation under full throttle after sitting in traffic with 75 degree air temp. Have had it do it again since, but it's also been cooler here in Boston, and I haven't been stuck in traffic again.

2.) The mornings are getting cooler here in Boston (in the 50's) and I noticed that on morning start up it cranks a little longer and when it fires up it's not a very positive start up. Sort of stumbles for a second then goes to high idle. Maybe the tune needs some adjusting???

3.) Even when the car is warm and restarted it goes to high idle as it did with the stock tune. It doesn't really bother me since it didn't when stock, but I bring it up because I thought the tune got rid of that.

4.) Rough idle when first started in the morning. It did this a little with the stock tune too, but thought the tune might clear it up. It's not so much a rough idle as more of a slight random skip/misfire that you can hear in the exhaust tone. Perhaps this is a trait of the SVTF, or the fact that it about to turn 30k miles and could use a plug and fuel filter change.

Otherwise, the tune is a great improvement over stock and makes the car much more fun to drive. THANKS TOM[thumb]
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