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5-15-06: RKC BIG Monday Night Meet: NOW IN ADDISON

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5-15-06: RKC BIG Monday Night Meet: NOW IN ADDISON

Ok guys, listen up.

The Monday night meets at HUMPERDINKS in RICHARDSON were not working out. The first meet there was great, by the second meet, we had grown in size, and noise, and scared the local tenants. By the third week at this location, our major parking lot tenant had told me we did not have permission to park there. This alone greatly strained our parking situation, and made the meet very crowded. Talking with Humperdinks, they wanted to help me find a solution. They are impressed with our behavior, and also the amount of money that we can give to the restaurant. So, they have offered me a solution.

Humperdinks in Addison.

The same great food specials as before, with 3X the parking. The restaurant is newer, larger, and has 250 of its OWN parking spots, that we CANNOT be asked to move from, ever. In addition, Humperdinks has OFFICIALLY got permission from the LOT OWNER directly behind the ADDISON HUMPERDINKS to use that lot for “over-flow” if the need arises.

So what does this mean?

Unfortunately, yes, we have to move again. But what this means is MORE SPACE, a little more leniency on the noise as we will be AWAY from any local hotels, and a for-sure, permanent meet location for Monday nights.

Please, work with me here. I know the nay-sayers will come in and try to make bets on how long this will last, “I told ya so”, or “its to far”. Please understand folks, I, my friends, and the upper management of places like Humperdinks and Hooters are working very hard to make a LARGE and LEGAL place for us to meet, near FOOD and PARKING. It’s a tough combination, but this time I got it for sure.

This meet is easy to get to, just exit beltline from the North Dallas Toll-way, and go west. Humperdinks is on the left, you cant miss it.

Since this is SUCH short notice, please do me a favor and TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Many people don’t get on the net every day or at all, so if you have a buddy who goes, let them know so we can all make it to the new, BIGGER location!

Humperdinks Addison
(972) 484-3051
3820 Belt Line Rd
Addison, TX 75001

But most of all, thank you all for sticking with me though all of this. I know you guys appreciate the videos and meets that I am able to provide for you.

Also, don’t forget to check out our new FORT WORTH GTG for those enthusiasts that are on the WEST SIDE of DFW… Now everyone can make it to a RKC GTG! Last week, the first week, we had almost 80 cars at the Ft Worth GTG, with more to come!

See everyone out at the meet!

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Hey Jared, i let the guys over on FocalJet kno too. Im the little messenger bee.
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