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3rd Brakelight HELP.

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All bulbs work, and no fuses are blown... What to do?
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what is the question?
Basically whys it not working and what would cause it from what I gather... Plus Ive had this problem aswell

open the hatch you will see a flex pipe that s bends from the cars body to the door pull the pipe down carefully and inspect the wires... they are NOTORIOUS for cracking and like mine breaking... to put the tube back on remove the plastic clip carefully not to break the pressure tabs slide the end of the boot back on (boot is the end of the flex pipe) and clip it back into place... right now I have soldered my third light wire back together and temporarily taped every wire in there (every wire was severely cracked and degraded)

and this if im not correct may be a TSB/Recall for your version car

Sadly its not for mine and I have to foot the replacement harness cost
:) mines 1 year newer and when the third light stopped working and we hit the brakes the rear window wiper would activate ( wire broke and was shorting against another cracked wire which was the wiper...

lemme see if I have a pic of it :) I think I do somewhere
I'm not sure if its relayed but you may have a broken wire... I'm currently uploading the vid of mine and hopefully you will see what I mean :( guaranteed youtubes gunna mess with its quality..

P.S. I already know I broke a tab :D its somewhat there but it grabs only when I unlock the lower tab thats why it was on an angle to the door

Ahh Crud I didn't have it zoomed in enough can't see diddly even at full screen I will search my system/laptop for a picture
im unsure how to remove the interior panels of the Focuses except the wagon's (only one I have)

remove the panels tilt the headliner down a little to access the harness then pull the trim off the hatch to access that sides grab yourself a spool of the same sized wire ( I think 14 gauge )
disconnect the hatch harness from the roof of the car and carfully back it out of the hole
Slide the rubber flextube off and you will gain access to the wires... and cut them back till inside the hatch and inside the roof ( if you can, if you cant, solder a new wire to the broken ends and heatshrink the joint and all the cracked parts) Solder a new wire to a clean non cracked part of the wire then heatshrink it and do the same to the other side ( if you want do it to all three damaged wires) when done feed the harness through the tube and keep the new wires within the boot and the solder/heatshrinked parts within the hatch door and body and that should fix it

Personally I havn't done it to Wagon #1 yet due to time restraints, but if I get my new wagon and it has the same problem I will make a how-to step by step....(basically same steps as above) (Wagon #1 is out primary work car)
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Congrats on the fix, now to fix mine LOL..
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