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I’m looking for a roof rack for my 2007 ZX3 Hatch. Having only 2 doors I can’t fit nearly all roof racks and not having the threads for a fixpoint rack I can’t use those either. I’ve seen one before that has the cross bar and then two bars going perpendicular latching to the hatch, but I have trouble finding it. I’ve seen it posted here before but no name attached.

Here’s the one I’m looking for. Not a great picture but you can see what I’m talking about.



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I've got a Yakima on mine.

And here's a really old post I made on the subject a few years ago. Not sure if all the links work anymore or not.

Here's a list of what you'll need to get in order to install a Yakima rack on your 3-door. It's a long parts list but you may be able to find a complete rack used (like I did except for the stretch kit) or from a different place. This is just a list of all the individual parts you'd need to buy from Amazon without any bike holder.

The Q-towers to hook the rack onto the car:
Clips to hook to your car:
Locks if you want them:
The cross bars
The end covers if you want them
The stretch kit to fit a 3-door car (because you don't have rear doors to clip into:
A fairing if you want it (this part is not Yakima specific so any brand fairing can work)

None of the links are specifically for a Focus so you'll need to check for sizes before buying anything and don't ask me why you have to get all the parts individually, but when it's all put together, this is what you get.

Probably my favorite part of the whole system is the fact that it can be installed and removed within a couple minutes or less. It's simply held on by clips and once the rack is all lined up correctly the first time, it only takes four snaps and it's installed to your car. I don't normally run it on my car but if I know I'll need it for some reason, it's just four snaps away and as sturdy as any other rack you can buy.

Now, as for the bike holder, I don't know much about it so someone else will have to give you that info. However, I run my bike off a hitch mounted system. I prefer it over the rack because 1) my bike ways a ton so it wouldn't be fun lifting it to the rack all the time, 2) Nothing has to be removed before putting it on the holder, and 3) it keeps the bike out of the wind stream so you don't even know you carrying anything. The hitch was made by my dad specifically for carrying a bike and didn't require any major alterations to the back of the car. Another member has also made one that is completely hidden so when your not carrying anything, you can't even see there is a hitch. If you want anymore info on these, ask away and I can track the info down, but here's just one quick picture of how my setup looks installed.

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