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Hi there !
So I love my 60k miles Duratec 2.0.
It has 4 new OEM spark plugs, new Vac runner control valve with new pipes... cleaned up throttle (electronic throttle) and a 550/60mh battery in good condition (12.5v cold start, 13.2-13.5 hot)

Sometimes the engine cranks one time and turns on - Some other times it will crank 4-5 times and turn on. Everything is within 2 seconds... but I got used to the MK1 Zetec SE where starting is instant, 1 crank and bam.

Is it normal for the Duratec to be random with the crank times ?
What else can I look at to make it ALWAYS 1 crank and go like my old MK1 1.6 ?

Thanks for any tips
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