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I have 2016 ST-3 Diesel which which I have had since new and its been pretty reliable.

The "touch" locks have always worked well.. I just brush my hand on the handle and the doors lock.. But a few months ago, I started to notice that they were less sensitive sometimes requiring a 2nd go to get them to lock... I seemed to get good and bad days and then one day, out of the blue I got a battery warning on the fob.

This made sense, as I assumed the problems I had were caused by a failing battery, so I replaced it and the locks have been fine since.. But a few days ago, it started again.. Last night I could only get the doors to lock 50% of the time... And today its got much to a point where they arn't working at all.

In contrast UNLOCKING is fine.. I can stand 10ft away with the fob, and a colleague was able to unlock the doors by just grabbing the handle.. But locking is a nightmare.

Its the same on both sides, so I don't think its the sensor in the handles... And i don't have a battery warning.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to what it might be?

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