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2015 SCCA Autocross H-Street #93 Campaign (2002 Focus SVT)

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I am planning on running the 2015 autocross season in SCCA H-Street class in my 2002 Focus SVT. I am a couple year member of this forum, and I am on my 4th SVT right now.

I come from a mild racing background (stock cars, road racing, and autocross). Looking to do autocross again next year full time. I live in Central North Carolina and am within 2 hours of some great events all year long against National Champions across the board.

This is one of my previous autocross cars I ran - 1999 Saab 9-3 Turbo:

I ran it in Street Mod, DSP and STX while I had it. Was heavily tuned at one point but was heavy and not a lot of great autocross related aftermarket support was available.

In April of this year, I purchased my 4th Ford Focus SVT. I have owned two 3-door SVT's and two 5-door SVT's. This one is a 2002 two-door SVT, no EAP package, and factory sunroof included. Had 140k miles on it when I bought it and almost completely stock. Only aftermarket part right now is a short ram CAI that will be replaced with a stock SVT airbox and drop in K&N very soon.

Since then I have replaced the following:
- rebuilt most of the upper end of the motor to stock specs, adjusting valves, etc
- timing belt, water pump, thermostat, radiator hoses, etc
- clutch slave cylinder
- new fan, and stock heat shield
- new starter and battery
- new front end links
- new stock focus svt struts

Right around 145k miles now, but getting very reliable and continuing to replace most worn OEM parts with new Motorcraft ones. I have a lot left to get it ready before the season starts in late February or early March.

I am going to use this forum as a way to record my progress, event results, get help with prep, etc. I will write a few posts this weeks discussing plans, mods, etc. Please subscribe for some great content and SVT autocross technical talk!

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All Ford Focus models except for the new Focus ST (Turbo) are classed in H-Street currently. The Focus ST (Turbo) is classed in G-Street and won the 2014 SCCA Solo Nationals in that class last week.

I plan on running re-valved Koni Yellows next year and brand new SVT springs. Just have not purchased them yet. [like]
If you don't mind, can you show me where you see the rules for any non-ST to run in HS? I'm interested
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