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OK so I'm doing a sub in my trunk, and looking for the information on exactly precisely how to run the power cable, i just couldn't find the information I was looking for. Maybe this is probably repeated info from somewhere else, but i looked all over the site initially and just was not finding this information all in once place, in a way that actually spells out exactly precisely what to do, where to drill, what grommet to use, all of that.

I have a manual transmission, thus no clutch-delete grommet on my drivers side. I also live in a place where 5 months of the year is disgusting and icy. I have no tolerance for leaks, so cutting through the main grommet feeding through the power cable wasn't an option either. I determined that actually cutting a new hole through the firewall was the very best solution for running a 8 gauge wire to the rear of my 2014 Focus Hatchback.

So here are my details.

I ended up using a cheapo wire kit. probably not that great. I'm going to worry not to about it for the time being. The OD of the main positive cable is about 0.260".

I ended up using one of these grommets to go through a 0.375" hole i drilled in the firewall. The ID of the grommet is stated as 0.250"

The hole location is 2" under the big main conical grommet that passes the majority of the cables through the firewall. This location is hard to pull the wire out of with big hands, but it's easy to find from the When facing the engine, this main grommet is located on the far left side of the firewall.

The wire comes through the firewall above the fusebox behind the glovebox, on the inside of the car.

Here is the path the RED COLORED wire takes from the positive battery terminal through the engine bay to the grommet. I covered the hole, grommet, and the wire in a liberal coating of silicone sealant prior to pushing the grommet into position. Hopefully the gluey aspect of the sealant, as well as the small bit of interference between the cable jacket and the ID of the grommet will help keep it in place.

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