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Just finished upgrading the car stereo following the DoogieB plan. Parrott harness, Alpine KTP-445U amp, Polk speakers, JL Audio Powerwedge Sub with Alpine MRP-M350 mono amp. Sounds really good. Very happy, however....

Despite 2 hours of digging I could not find an ignition switchable +12V trigger source. The DoogieB thread and the Focus wiring diagram indicated the orange/yellow stripe wire on the factory side of the harness (Orange/black stripe on the Parrot side) connected to pin 2 was the antenna trigger wire. No such luck. Indicated +2.59 volts steady with the ignition on 0.00V with it off. I called a local installer who said good luck and the fuse panel was my best option.

Does anyone have any idea where I could locate a fuse with an ignition, or otherwise controlled +12V output I can tap into? I would much prefer to use this other than a LOC with trigger wire and rely on the line outputs to fire up the KTU-445U amp.

Thanks in advance

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