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Hello everyone.
this is my first focus and we’re having a major love hate relationship!
had it approx one month and nothing but issue, so I’m hoping somebody can help me.
so 2 weeks ago the alarm starts going crazy for no reason all hours of the day.
then out of the blue after my 1hr commute, car Rested for 10 mins it wouldn’t start :(
AA called to the rescue and they said something about the relay wiring and it was fine.
started it up and the stop start technology wouldn’t work :( finished my shift at work and somehow it was all back working :)
then last night the alarm starts going crazy again! Now I’m worried it’s going to die on me, no garages are open and I’m frontline worker so need some help.
ive attached the old AA report incase somebody can translate:

Patrol found the following fault code/s:System : Engine control 1 - 9FA / Diesel CR/EDC SID 807P060A00 - Engine control unit. Error Message : Malfunction.P229100 - Fuel pressure regulation. Error Message : Pressure too low.P061600 - Starter interlock relay. Error Message : Signal too low.P056200 - System power supply. Error Message : Malfunction.Check for non start cut out check live data and diagnostic trouble codes stored check relays and connections in fuse box loose connection in fuse box tighten and make good clear all diagnostic trouble codes stored and start and test ok advised member of fault
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