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Hi all,

Started a thread the other day about a general misfire issue - now Ive lost all engine power and its just getting worse.

Im a little lost here, few basic questions below in bold.

TL;DR - Cylinder 1 misfires / blows ignition coils after rain - replaced 3 so far. Never any oil / debris in the chamber. Happened again yesterday - now its ignition system is dead & showing weird Service prompts. 100k Miles.

Gave these codes yesterday :
P0118 - Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor - Circuit High Input
P0351 (pd) - Ignition Coil A Primary / Secondary Circuit
P2300 (pd) - undefined code
P2301 (pd) - undefined code

Is the pcm / ignition system not engaging because one of those codes are set ?

After I lost power the dash started acting crazy :

-Showed a red " Engine Fault Service Now" prompt
-Trip 1 / Trip 2 details not feeding through ; Miles till empty / Miles driven etc show no numbers, just dashes

Went back today with a buddy to try and get it going - Wouldnt turn over & the lights dimmed while trying. No charge. Tried to jump but still wouldnt turn over.

Whats draining the battery suddenly ?

Owned it ~3years, always had weird battery / electric problems.

Went to the 'Information' tab (where it shows door / hood open etc) on the dash to see the alerts again ; This thing is all ****** up (See Attached pictures)

It shows :
-"Hill Start Assist Not Available"
-"Engine Fault Service Now"

-Its also saying "Engine : ON" ; Normally that only shows when the car is actually on.

Is this why the battery is drained ?

Tire Pressure Sensor prompt randomly popped & light came on while cycling through those.

I wanted to run codes again & go through some diagnostic steps today... said **** it when the Tire Pressure Sensor showed up. Happened out of nowhere - whole system starting to get shorted ?

Anyone have any insight ?

Never seen those dash prompts before - Are they whats stopping it from engaging ? Or just a symptom computer getting fried ?

Does this have to be seen by a dealer first to get everything cleared?

Planning on borrowing a beefy ODB reader that gives better freeze frame data / a few things to test wires & run diagnostic tests on Cylinder 1 for the P0351 code. Planning on looking for blown fuses aswell.

Saw the TCB wiring harness sticky today, will be checking it all out. If theres answers there / other threads please point them out.

Im decent with cars but its not my trade & money is tight. Spent all day looking and brain is fried.


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Update : Took it to a decent electronic diagnostic shop recently. Guy wanted to take a look at the PCM but apparently the screws are too corroded to get out without breaking the unit. Says he found a lot of debris in there like it had been involved in a flood. Kept on insisting on a "flood"

This thing has not been in a flood. Had it for 3 years, 30k+ miles. Problems only started recently.

I'd believe more that theres a water intrusion issue where water is funnelling into that area - tried mentioning this but the guy says it looks like a flood. IDK.

I dont want to drop 1200$ to replace the PCM. Said he took a look at the wiring harness etc but no issue.

Anyone have any advice on this? Theres some type of water intrusion issue / gap. Noticed the plastic that meets the windshield is very loose, debris in certain parts of engine compartment.
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