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Without warning while I'm driving my dashboard lights up with the yellow error "Power steering failure." then as I'm parking I get a red error saying "STEERING LOSS. STOP SAFELY" as the power steering cuts out completely (could still turn the wheel but it was unassisted).

Now the steering wheel is 100% locked up and I can't turn the wheel when in gear, even if I'm rolling forward. Trying to turn it feels just like trying to turn the wheel of a car which is off. It can't be done. I'd snap the wheel off.

2014 Focus SE

I haven't towed it to Ford because I'm assuming the whole steering rack and pinion mechanism will need replacing which is very expensive.

I still owe about $4000 on the loan. This was my first car and it has been a very disappointing, often terrifying experience as a whole.

I need help with the next steps. Is it worth fixing it if I'll only get about $3000-4000 for the car anyway? Would I even get that much in a non-driveable state? Please help me.

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