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Have a 2014 Focus SE that keeps running through ignition coils. Started within the last few months.

At first threw a few codes (p301 / p0118) & ended up replacing the ignition coil & spark plug for cylinder 1. Replaced the coolant sensor too.

I noticed when its damp outside the temp gague was going up / down wildly, but everything seemed to go back to normal after replacing those 3.

I left the state for a week and it rained a few times - When I get home & its misfiring / throwing p301 code again. I switch the ignition coils around and get it to follow the coil (starts throwing p302 /p303 etc as i move the coil down the engine). No other codes

Makes no sense since i just replaced it a month ago but whatever. Took the coil back and got a new one. Maybe faulty.

Decided to put an older ignition coil back on cylinder 1, and keep the new one in another cylinder.

It starts raining today, and i get p301 again. Did the whole BS of moving coils around and it just follows that coil.

Now what?

Only commonality is after it rains cylinder 1 gets it rough and shorts out the coil?

I did get a bunch of codes initially today (p0118/p0351/p2300/p301). After driving to get the check engine light to come on, they disapperared and i was just left with p0301.

The temp gague was going up & down wildly while driving though.

Where should i even start to narrow this down? Once I get a new coil itll run fine till it rains again

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Update - was raining today and had to drive. Started off ok, then noticed it misfiring a bit. Within 5 minutes I lost all engine power.

Ignition coil on cylinder 1 absolutely blew up. Hot as all hell.

Replaced it with a good coil and it still wont turn over.

Throwing the following codes :
P0118 - Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor - Circuit High Input
P0351 (pd) - Ignition Coil A Primary / Secondary Circuit
P2300 (pd) - undefined code
P2301 (pd) - undefined code

So somethings shorting out cylinder 1 and now maybe the whole ignition syatem is ******?

Not sure where to start on this - anyone have any insight?

Was thinking maybe drop it at a Ford dealer when it had some codes, but dont want to be raked over the coals on labor etc
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