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I have been searching around for a bit but havent found what i am looking for, maybe looking using the wrong terms.

Anyway, I have a 2013 st3 and I want to update the center console and climate controls to the 2015-2018, a big reason for me to update it is the layout and storage plus mine 2013 has a bunch of broken clips. Honestly, I dont need to change the climate control but i have to relocate the heated seat controls, power port, so i figured i would see if anyone has done it or if its possible.

The console with cup holders and such lines up just need to obviously get the newer shifter surround and a few other trim pieces, but i havent gotten to look at the pinouts on the current climate control or the newer, I know it will be different but very interested in trying to get this working.

Again, I would love to know if anyone has tried and failed or completed the swap?

Apologies if this in the wrong section but I could really think of a better spot?
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