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2013 ST Highs Lows and Fogs

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Hi i am rick! I am curious if anyone knows if there is a way to stop the fog light cutout when the high beams are turned on? Was hoping to be able to run all 6 lights at once! Also does anyone make light bulbs to change the color of the under dash lights from greenblue to white or actual green green? If anyone knows id appriciate it!
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there ARE ways of doing this. If it were me, I would wire a relay up and then diode isolate it from the foglight circuit. Trigger the relay with the high beam wire which will keep the fog lights powered up when the high beams are on. However, I would diode isolate that wire trigger from back feeding into the car and back to the switch. Which is pretty much nothing more than putting a diode inline where you make the connection point for the output of the relay.

I can try and pull a tech sheet from alldata and see if it lists an input from the switch you can use... that is IF i can still log into alldata.
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