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Car has 139000km on it, just changed the rad was about to replace the purge valve when i go to start it and i just get a click click from under the hood. First thing i check is battery, got a boost even though i knew the battery was good, with no change of course still no start.
Next was a running start with a gear drop, you could hear the compression through the exhaust but no firing. I let it sit for about 20 min, removed the positive battery cable for 20 min and tried again, this time when turning the key it started cranking but didnt fire up. Let it sit for a few min thr put the gas to the floor and turned the key and sure enough it fired.
It threw p068a and a p0420 near the end before it started. It went to ford the next day and i got the pcm/tcm reprogrammed and the bcm replaced through a recall. The tech said there were many bcm codes(will upload pic later).
The car acted like new after the dealership visit for the whole week, yesterday i headed out for a 3 hour road trip, made it almost all the way and the oil light and battery light came on while on the highway. Zero rpm so i downshift and let the clutch out to restart it but it doesnt wsnt to stay running. Pulled off to the side and shut the ignition off, tried to turn the ignition on and got a red error code saying engine fault service now, then a yellow code came up saying starting system fault. The car will no longer turn over at all, when turning the ignition on the engine control relay (r14) and the throttle body seem to be suffering from parkinsons disease eratically clicking, there was also a loud click or two from the top of the fuel tank under the seat.

Im at the point of just buying a used ecm and getting it reprogrammed to hopefully fix or postpone the issue but not even sure what else to do, regretting not dropping 2g on that snap on diag tool....
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