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Just wanted to say a quick hello as I am a new member to this forum. I hope that I am posting in the right area for what I am planning, I apologize in advance if I am not...

I am just starting to put a mods list together for my 2012 Focus Titanium Sedan (just ordered) in White Metallic Tri-Coat. I won't really be doing to many performance mod’s on the car except for the exhaust and the body. I say that now but....[angel] I absolutely love the ST and I am thinking of putting the ST front bumper on my titanium along with the head lights with LED's.

I know that I am asking these questions way to prematurely as the ST is not even out but I want to try to put some ideas and research together as I am new to the ford focus. The ST bumper seems to be pretty straightforward as far as fitment is concerned. So far it appears to be the same fender’s and hood, the air-ducting and radiator surrounds can always be modified. Obviously I can’t do this conversion until the ST bumper and ST headlights are available and I actually get under one but perhaps someone has a little more insight.

There seems to be many members who are very technical on this forum and perhaps some are ford tech's trained on the new focus. Perhaps someone can help me answer a few questions:

What ECU does the 2012 focus use? I assume that the titanium uses the same ECU, correct?

What software version is the ECU for the ford focus?

What is the name of the Ford Parts Software and are their any websites where it can be accessed outside of the ford network?

What is the name of the Ford Technical Database and can tech’s email or fax out of the database?

How are the LED’s controlled on the Ford Edge for example?

Does anyone know if the STwill have HID headlights?

Thanks for any information anyone can add. I work for a Porsche tuner so I can access the PET (Porsche Parts System), POSES (Porsche Technical information) and we have a Porsche PIWIS tester to work with but I am at a loss for Ford info….
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