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2012 SEL - Brake Light Bulb Fault (Electrical issue?)

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Two days ago, as I left a parking garage to begin my trip home, a "Brake Light Bulb Fault" warning came up on my dash. I figured a bulb had burnt out, as it popped up 3 times during my 13 mile commute home.

After I got home, I asked someone else to come out and check my brake lights. Astonishingly, all seemed to work fine. I drove the car all day yesterday as well in both day and night conditions, with seemingly no issues. No bulb fault notification, anyway. Drove the car around today, and it was fine all day. Made a stop just about an hour ago, and the notification came up again. Sure enough, I caught the left brake light out this time with the parking filament working fine. But 10 minutes later, when I got home, the brake light was working fine again.

Have any ideas as for what to do about the problem? The car was assembled in June 2011, has 57,600 total miles, and I've owned the car since August 2013 and the last 20,000.

The volume / track skip / SYNC button cluster on the right side of the steering wheel also intermittently malfunction since I got the car. (Up volume sticks, backward track skip won't work, buttons do wrong function, SYNC Voice Command starts without pressing, etc.)

As much as I love to drive the thing when the DCT isn't crapping itself, I'm not very pleased with this one.
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Bulb contact wires can get worn/break over time. Even these new style ones don't last forever at the contacts.
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