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Ok, while I do like this car, and have had no DCT issues, I do have one issue that was small, but lately is getting worst. At first I reported it to the dealer, but they could not duplicate and I knew that was going to be the case.

And this issue is the navigation - once in a great while, the screen would spin a little while sitting still at a traffic light. Or I would be driving and the icon on the screen would be an inch or two to the right of where I actually was driving - as in on the freeway, but the screen would show the icon going through the river beside the freeway.

It now became a daily occurrence and the other night I decided to pull out the phone and record it.

Next morning it was still doing it, so drove it to the dealer and they got to see the video and the car doing it there.

Next week it goes in for an oil change & filter at 35,000 and they will address it then. They admit there's another car in for that problem now (a Lincoln) and they will know what the issue is soon.

But two years of the issue? Thankfully right before the 36,000 limit of the warranty cut me off from it being a repair out of my pocket.

Anyone else? I'll post a video later if I can of the problem.
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