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So here's the situation, I installed a sub and amp into my car with my stock HU with a 2 channel LOC. There were no problems besides where to put my remote wire to switch the amp on/off with my car. There is the ignition switch at the steering column, but I wound up with 2 blown fuses and erased the memory on my key. Just my luck right? The next thing I thought about trying was installing it into the accessory wire on the radio until I found it was DATA controlled. So the third and final method I'm questioning trying is doing a fuse tap to fuse 85 on the passenger side box. I just have some questions on how to go about doing that.

1.)Will my 250watt amp be too much power for said fuse? It currently runs a 40 amp fuse into it.

2.)Do I need a bigger fuse?

3.)Is there anything else I should be concerned with?

I've installed a few systems on older cars, but never something this new. I'd like to do as little damage to my car as possible and before anyone mentions it I'd like to keep my stock HU.
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