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My sound system, media display & cd player aren't working and I can't figure it out, here are some details that might help.
The cd player allowed a CD to be taken in but won't eject, even with the force eject sequence.
The USB hub in the center console doesn't work but the cigarette lighter ports do.
I've replaced 2 fuses that were linked with the radio even though the old fuses were still intact.
I tried a different Audio Control Module by plugging it up and running the car for about 5 minutes seeing if it would boot
I've cleaned my battery terminals and checked the voltage and everything was perfectly inline with what it's meant to be.
The Audio Control Module that I tried was a lesser featured one if that matters.. Mine has navigation (CM5T-19C107-CG) and the one I tried did not (ended with -AG)
The caution lights & ac controls light up at night but the volume controls (skip/volume etc..) do not. I'm not sure if it's meant to but just another detail to add.

If you guys have any idea of what I could try or what my issue seems to be I'd greatly appreciate hearing about it, thank you!
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