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Hi All,

First, this is my first time to post pretty much anywhere, so my apologies if I missed something.

Finally, the reason I'm here is because of the Focus Fuel Tank Recall and I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions.

The car is a car I have given to my daughter. Before I did, I took it to a Ford dealer and had the recall performed. There were no codes, so they updated the PCM (I think is what they said). Now, less than a month later, she gets a check engine light and takes it to a Ford dealer in her town. They say the fuel tank has collapsed, the fuel pump needs to be replaced, and I think a valve. The problem is, Ford now want honor the recall because they say it was performed.

This seems crazy. It seems that based on what they are saying, I should not have done the recall and waited for the problem before going in. That doesn't make any sense. I was trying to be proactive, and avoid the problem by taking it in, but now it's going to cost about $1200 for the repairs.

If anyone has any advice, or thoughts, I'd love to hear them. I have owned Ford since my first car with few exceptions, but am disappointed in this process.

Thanks to everyone ahead of time.
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