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I had posted this info on another post earlier, but it was way down the list. Thought some prospective buyers might be interested.

If you don't have any other options to get down to dealer invoice, go to and use their car buying service. It'll get you a good price. It only costs $15 to join and you have to deposit $5 in a share account. The $15 also goes to a great cause (military family network). Below is an actual quote I got 5 minutes ago on a loaded Titanium Hatchback. They also offer the best bank financing rates in the country if you qualify.

Dealer Invoice $27,513 MSRP $29,235 PenFed PRICE $27,363

In addition, my dealer sent me this discount code for parts from last night. Use coupon code FPTR18EW for a 10% discount.
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