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Today, I took advantage of the warm sunny weather to do some routine chores outside.
One chore was replacing the air filter element in my 2012 SEL. When removing it, I discovered that only the two screws on the 'downstream' side of the air filter box were attached.

I popped out the old filter [yes, it needed changing] and attempted to fit the top and bottom of the filter box together. There was no way, even without a filter element, to have more than two screws engaged at a time.

There is no way to assemble the element into the lower housing as intended [with the 'bottom' of the filter engaged in the moulded groove]. The housing is a couple millimeters too short.

What is extremely bothersome, is that the car has been to the dealer for 'the works' several times for routine maintenance [and one extended stay for transmission issues] - and supposedly the dealer is 'inspecting' the air cleaner element. I would have expected that the 'factory trained mechanic' would have noted and reported that the air cleaner could not be re-assembled after 'inspecting' the element.
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