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Hi All..

Out of the blue on my 2011 Turbo diesel got a "power assist steering failure warning"
Fine one day... no good the next...

Dealership is saying is the full steering rack replacment part cost alone $3.5k
The cars 2 moonths out of new car warrenty will Ford still honor a part replacment??

I cant afford to spend that dealer has lodged the issue with ford and is hoping they will honor a replacment part...

Has anyone had any simlar issues im freaking out... and if it turns out that i have to fork out 4-5k to get my car running again i certainly wont be buying a ford again...


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You haven't said much.
Is the car at Ford?
Can they confirm that the rack needs replacing?
What is noticeable about any difference in how it now drives?

... and what am I missing here? I look up a rack on a parts site and it's only $250. It looks like the 2012 changed to electronic steering but the 2011 is still mechanical/hydraulic.

Neglected the Diesel portion. The 2011 in EU must be electronic/hydraulic. In which case, it's highly unlikely that 'the whole thing' needs replacing. They should be able to see pressures via the scan tool and make a proper diagnosis that way.

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2011 there is like our MkIII's from '12, so i moved this to the MkIII problems section where similar issue info. can be found.

Also don't let them skip the "basics", seen a Maxi-Fuse failure mimic a steering rack failure reported here - one owner went months driving without power steering for not having the $ for replacement before finding that problem.
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