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Okay guys. This is my second post here. Not blowing smoke. Currently have a 2.0 motor with auto trans. This will eventually swap out to a manual, but not now. Been building this thing for three years now. Engine mods are as follows:

1. FSWerks green filter coal air intake.
2. FSWerks exhaust header
3. Catless catback 2.5 inch straight out into true dual exhaust.

Mods sitting and waiting to be installed for motor:
VF Engineering motor mounts ( all three )
Steeda throttle body plate
Real Cosworth manifold
Zex Nitrous 55 shot system (wet)
SCTX4 with custom tune from Raffi at FSWerks's where my knowledge begins and ends. I know my throttle body will not mate with all four holes on the Cosi. It only mates to 3 of them. However the Steeda spacer mates to all four of my bolts on the throttle body. I will drill and tap the necessary hole for all of this to line up perfectly on the Cosi manifold.

Since I have a 2010, the power steering pump and reservoir have to be swapped with a 2005 as I have read. I can grab these off rock auto for cheap, throw some AN fittings on them and do a reservoir relocation no problems at all.

Innovate Motorsports does an incredible Nitrous management system that I can have handle everything for my system.

Is there anything else I should be looking forward to, or looking out for with my current plans?
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