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2009 Stalling problem

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Hi everyone, new to the forum. I bought a 2009 SES automatic with 75k miles. It has a stalling problem. I pull up to a stop sign the rpm drops to 500 and then it stalls. It starts right back up.
So took it back to ford dealer where I bought it . They cleaned the Maf. That didn't work. Then they replaced the throttle body. That didn't work. Then they removed the aftermarket remote start. That didn't work. Now they are replacing the PCM. They believe the remote start ruined the computer.

Anyone else have this issue. Thanks
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If the remote start was the problem it would have been doing it from day 1 when it was installed. Sounds like they don't know what they are doing and chucking parts at it.
Yep I believe you are correct. They told me they can install a ford factory remote start for $500. I told them I bought this car from them with a remote start system and it better have one in it when I get the car back.

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Your year is listed as "MkII" here, second major type sold in the US ('08-'11).

General Tech is best for repair questions that don't fit in a particular subgroup such as the brakes/suspension area.

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