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I'm looking to lower my car, but I do not know what to buy. I'm looking to lower my car about 2-3 cm. Maybe more, I'm not sure. What do you guys suggest? I would like to keep my car as "normal" as possible when it comes to handling, comfort, and so on. I do not need a racing car, I just want to make it look cooler:)
I have the 2009 Mk2 Estate, 1,6 liter diesel.

I'm sure this question have been asked here before, but couldn't find anything.
I'm new here so I apologize in advance.

Please link me to other threads which have answers to my question:)


Here is my car:

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Good sir, I give you the usual responses:

Eibach Sportlines will get you lowest (2" I think? FTC, chime in here).

Vogtland for a good ride and lower (about 1.5") - I have them on my Mk3 Focus and my old e30 BMW.

H&R - not sure for that car, but, they typically run a little stiffer than most - I have H&Rs on my 320i.

I'm a big Vogtland fan, as they lower the car well and the ride quality stays near stock. I love these things. By the way, I love that car. We didn't get that here in the US.

Good luck!

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As Old Grey mentioned, we didn't get that model here but the manufacturers std. types are about the same for different fitments.

Eibach offers a couple drops, a comfortable one at about 1.5", and a lower/stiffer one at about 2" drop. Make sure to confirm which you're looking at, the names are easily confused.

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gaahhh i had the eibach vs vogtland comparison somewhere. vogtland is better for DD

found it!!! not sure if your car uses the same set up as ours... check the UK forums i think talk ford or passion ford is what they are called

Front: 125/154 progressive
Rear: 165/188 progressive
1.6" drop

and eibachs

Eibach Pro: 1.5”
F: 137 lb/in
R: 171 lb/in

Eibach Sportline: 2”
F: 131~262 lb/in
R: 102~171 lb/in
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