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Recently bought this Ford Focus LV manual 2009, has done 140,000 kms.

Day after we bought it, in the morning clutch felt squishy, and unable to put it into gear etc as was not disengaging. Pumped it a few times and regained its pressure and drove beautifully. Brake/Transmission fluid reservoir is full, level has remained unchanged.

Got to a point where it was quite bad and even driving on the motorway staying in 5th it would go squishy and unable to change out of/ into gear easily so pump it a few times and back to being normal.

Took it to a mechanic and had the clutch bled, this helped for 1 day then went back to how it was. Then got the master cylinder replaced which helped for a week and the clutch held it's pressure in mornings and long drives really well.

Then the clutch has gone squishy again, and the brake/transmission fluid reservoir is still full. I don't know what to do, anyone have any suggestions or experienced similar problems?

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