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Hi folks,

First I am not a car tech oriented guy [:)] so don't make fun if I name something wrong. Anyways, the problem was that when I turned the steering wheel completely to the left side and tried to park, I will hear a loud "Tuck" noise from the left driver's side. No idea what it was for few days. Then I noticed that it would be more prominent over the bumpy drive way when parking and turning left.

I checked when the car was parked (not moving) by turning the steering all the way to the left and pushing the car up and down, and the loud tuck noise is easily reproduced. When I looked the strut plate? seems to be very close to the body. So I asked a friend to observe while I moved the car up and down he said it was touching the body when the steering was turned left all the way. If I slightly straighten up the wheel then no noise.

I am attaching few pics that I though would be helpful.

I am not sure what the solution. I did read a thread about similar noise but it doesn't seem relevant. I am thinking of not getting anything done if it is safe to drive (I fear the mechanics [mecry] and if its not absolutely necessary don't want to go).

Thanks in advance.


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