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I have a 2008 Ford Focus SE - Sedan we have owned since new. (North American Version US&Canada)
( vapor silver , 4dpd auto , 67,000 kilometers on it / 41,000 miles)
Car is completely bone stock, and no monkey business has ever been done
to the wiring system, no aftermarket upgrades or radios etc.

My backup light on the driver side works , but the back up light on the passenger side does not.
All other lights , turn signals etc , brake lights for both sides work.
It's just the backup light on the passenger side that does not work.

What i've done so far:
So i replaced the backup bulb on the passenger side expecting it would work.
It did not. The passenger side light remained off when the car was in reverse, and the driver side backup light remained working as normal.

So i took a test light and went to the Fuse Box /Power Distribution Box under the hood and Checked Fuse #7 For the "Reverse Lamps" which is a 10A fuse.
It came up as fine. No issue with the fuse.

At this point i am wondering if it could be the Backup lamp socket.

I'm not exactly sure how to test that socket , or replace it.

I wondered if anyone else had any other suggestions as to what it could be or how i should go about testing this.



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Take your test light to the socket. Connect the negative side of you meter to a metal chassis ground. Then with the bulb removed probe the metal terminals individually in the socket and see if you have ~12 VDC with car in reverse.
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