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2008 Cruise Control

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I am a new Focus owner, bought a 2008 SE Vapor Silver with a manual. I wanted to get cruise, but it was proving hard to find. As a result, I have been looking into adding cruise on mine afterward. I have read the couple of posts about this topic, but none of them actually came to a conclusion.

From what I have checked out, since the car has ETC, (electronic throttle control) everything for cruise control should be there. There is a brake switch (for disabling cruise), no further mechanisims under hood are needed, so my thought is that if the appropriate slip ring behind the steering wheel is there with a connection for cruise, then a new steering wheel with cruise buttons and a computer reflash should do the trick.

Any thoughts? Has any of the other guys that were looking into this have any luck? Do we have any Ford dealership employees on this forum that can poke around the dealership for any info?
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No comments from anyone?

I was looking on Ebay, and found an 08 Focus base model steering wheel for sale. I assumed that someone had done the swap to add cruise to their car. I asked the seller and he indicated that he ordered from the dealer a steering wheel with cruise buttons. He did not include many details, and I have asked him to elaborate on what he did, but it seems like it is possible. I am hoping some of you out there may have done some digging yourselves and found anything.

Have you tried (a) checkin with your dealership for a factory kit, or (b) sending an e-mail to Ford with the question?

I sent an e-mail to Ford using the address on their website a year or two ago about DRL's and got a response.
I have been working with Mike at Hillbish Ford and I think we are almost there. I ordered a new steering wheel with cruise and when it arrives I am going to see how it goes. So far, we have reviewed all the wiring diagrams for the cruise option and have found that the cars without cruise have everything necessary installed EXCEPT for the cruise buttons on the steering wheel. The only thing left after installing the new steering wheel will be a possible reflash needed. We'll see. I'll keep everyone updated.
Thanks. Keep us posted.
Any updates on this? I too am a new Focus owner and am in the same boat. I would love to add CC to mine, so thanks much for the research. [cheers]
Well, I recieved the new steering wheel. I ordered the wheel, leather with cruise w/o sync. The wheel came with the cruise and redundant audio controls. I installed the wheel this morning and..... nothing. I anticipated having to reflash the computer, especially since the car has ETC, but I hoped that it would just work.

So, I'm gonna hit up the dealer the next few days to see about getting a reflash. I'll let you all know how it goes.
Please keep me informed.....
would you happen to have taken any pics of the wheel being put on, more specifically what the wiring looks like...

the reason i ask is I am looking to convert the resume cc button (which i never use) to a n2o GO switch for the ultimate stealth look... but i was hoping for some pics and input from someone who has been involved with the cc wiring.
Any update on this? I'm thinking of getting a base "S" model 08 and would definitely want to add cruise to it if possible.
Gotta bump this.... I really want the cruise!
Gentlemen, I have done it! Cruise is installed and complete. It works perfectly. As my post had noted, all you need to do is purchase the steering wheel and then have the dealer reprogram the ECM. The cruise control for all 2008 Focus's is in the 'programmable parameters' portion of the ECM. There is also a SSM (special service message) that I have sitting on my desk at work that is from Ford telling the dealers how to do it. FYI, the only thing I have not yet figured out is how to get the audio controls on the steering wheel to work. The steering wheel I purchased was the leather wrapped with cruise and audio controls, minus sync. At this time, my cruise works perfectly, including the telltale on the instrument cluster, but the audio controls do not. So unless you are ok with dead buttons on your steering wheel, buy the steering wheel with only the cruise buttons. Please PM me or respond here if you have any further questions. I'll be more than happy to answer them. And for all of you that have been waiting for me to get this done, sorry for being such a slug. I was busy!!!!
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Steering wheel, leather with cruise and audio(minus sync): $200.00
Programming: $89.00 at Dealer. (I think this will vary from dealer to dealer and you can probably get it free if you are persuasive)

Its definitely worth it, I use it now everyday.
Hey Mike, how difficult was it to install the steering wheel? Any tips on that?
The steering wheel is much easier than it seems. Here is the process that I followed:

Remove battery cables for at least 5 mins ( this seems like bogus to me, but it was suggested and I had success, so why not?)

Looking at the back of the steering wheel, from underneath, there is a small cutout in the steering column that allows you to access three circular connection points for the airbag to the steering wheel. In the circle you can see a metal clip that retains the airbag. Using a flat head screwdriver, unclip the airbag by rotating the screwdriver in the hole against the metal clip. The airbag is spring loaded and will pop loose when the metal clip is moved.

Do this for all three clips. The steering wheel will need to be rotated to access all the connection points.

Once the clips are loose, you can now remove the airbag from the steering wheel, unclipping the electrical connector from the clockspring. There is also on other wire that I believe you can unhook from the airbag, leaving the pigtail on the steering wheel. (from memory).

Once the airbag is gone, the only part left is to loosen the steering wheel bolt and remove the steering wheel. I used a three jar puller, but I don't think it is necessary. I don't think there is much of a press fit on the shaft. Also, the steering wheel can only go on one way; the design of the teeth that fit onto the shaft only allow the wheel to be installed one way.

Once the new wheel is installed, making sure the clockspring is in the correct location as it was on the old wheel, re install the bolt. (not sure of the torque required). The airbag will quickly plug into the clockspring, as well as the new wheel connectors (for the cruise buttons). The airbag then snaps back into the steering wheel and you are now complete.

Let me know if you have any questions.
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Thanks for that write up Mike. I'll probably head to the dealer this weekend to see what I can work out with them. Maybe if I buy the wheel from them, they can throw in the programming.

Have you been working with your dealer to see if the audio controls will work, or are you not going to go that far?
I did work with the dealer on the audio controls, but to no avail. Unfortunately, I don't think they really tried, they just said that they didn't see anything in the programming for audio. I very much want to figure it out, part because I would love to have the controls, and partly because I hate having something on my car that doesn't work. I work in Detroit for an auto supplier and was actually at Ford this morning working on the water pump seals that I sell. I am going to try to find someone at Ford that knows the radio and the system and see if they can tell me what to do. It may take time, but I am going to try.
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