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I am going to write a how-to for creating DRL's on our vehicle, I will be purchasing LEDs from multiple vendors on Amazon and eBay.

I will then try multiple wiring methods, relays, fuse tappers, etc. and documenting everything with video.

Before I begin this epic journey into Morodor (haha) ... I will need input from the MK2 community.

My Vehicle Specs:
- 2009 Ford Focus SE
- No Fog Lights
- All light output is currently stock

More Information
- I will document each individual step via video
- I will edit each video
- Scoring will be for Day, Night, Distance, Output/Wattage, and Brightness

Lights Being Tested
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A Few Ideas
- Drill a small hole in the headlight (no need to bake them and re-seal) and add a flexible LED switchback tube (with patience) to the desired area and then seal JUST the whole you drilled after placing the tube.
- Bake the headlights and open them to add an SMD LED or LED Tube to the headlight.
- Add LED into the bumper by gluing them (with the proper super strength waterproof adhesive) and creating a small whole to run the wires behind the LEDs.
- Screw or adhere the LEDs or tubes to the inside of the bumper area or behind the grill

Hopefully we can FINALLY have a guide for this mod without having 900 misleading posts on Focus Fanatics that do absolutely nothing to help. That's my goal.
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