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Hi all,

I own a North-American 2009 Focus SE Coupe, and am looking into purchasing an ELM327 adapter and getting started with ForScan and foCCCus. Here are a few tweaks I am preliminarily interested in:
  • Enabling Cruise Control (Buttons already installed. Dealer will IDS-enable it for $100, but would rather do myself for $30)
  • Enabling Global Window Open/Close (would be nice for the summer, if at all possible)
  • Disabling the orange upshift light in the left side of the instrument cluster (more obnoxious than helpful imo)
  • Playing around with DRL options? (don't currently have enabled, but it is an important safety feature imo)
  • Enabling the security alarm if possible??? I have remote entry and the car came standard with the "passive security system", which is not very confidence inspiring. Basically, somebody can bust my window and open the door, and no alarm will sound. They may not be able to start the car without a programmed key, but no alarm will go off as they root through my stuff, or disengage the parking brake, roll it onto a dolly and tow it away. This is a critical feature to have and I can't see why it doesn't already have it, all the puzzle pieces seem to be in place besides in the software configuration.
I am extremely curious if any of you have tried ForScan, foCCCus, or any other DIY software interfaces on one of these cars. I want to find out exactly what can be done with this, and if it is even possible to do any of the above?? Any input or experience is welcome and encouraged, and I look forward to delving into this type of vehicle modding. Thanks!

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