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2007 Ford Focus automatic Transmission Problems

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I own a 2007 ZX4 (116k miles) I was driving on the high way doing about 70-75 and had to speed up to get around a car coming off the off ramp and my car seem to go out of gear and the O/D light begin to flash Orange. I pulled over and cut the car off and started the car again and proceeded to accelerate again once i got around to shift to 3rd gear the car seem to just fall in neutral didn't hard shift or anything. the car wouldn't increase speeds, once slowed down to 20 MPH the car began to increase speeds up to 45 began to do the same problem again. the check engine light came on and had 3 codes but, the person that checked them erased them and told me that a misfire on cylinder 4 (replaced) and a shift solenoid current was bad, i changed the transmission fluid and filter, which looked like the person that owned the car before did little to no maintenance on the car. I changed the shift solenoid A as many people suggest before taking it to a transmission shop. and i still have the issue with shifting I'm thinking about changing the shift solenoid B soon but, was wanting some input while i wait to receive the parts.
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...but around 40-45 MPH which is around 4th gear from what I've read.
Yeah. While easy on throttle, my car hits 4th gear between 40 and 45-mph... Which I do not like, because I cruise a lot at that speed, and if in 4th at that speed, available torque is crap, especially with the AC on. I often hit the O/D button which disables 4th gear. SEPERATELY; I have an engine performance problem that rears its' ugly head at 4th gear, 43-mph, so O/D Off helps me some.

If I ever fix my car AND get a PCM tune, I will be changing the stock shift points some.
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