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2007 Focus wiring diagram error

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I have an 07 Focus sedan with failed intermittent wipers. They don't run or park in intermittent, but they do park on other settings. Perusing other threads, I went looking for the wiper relay, but there's not one, according to the car itself, the parts guy at the dealer, my component locator, and so on. Ford and my car all agree that there is no wiper relay on my car.

Except for the wiring diagram (A Ford book from Helm.) It says there's one. Mostly, as the circuit diagram shows one, but the component locator and other places where it would be called out say its not there. Not sure how useful troubleshooting could be if the wiring diagram is incorrect.

Ford and the dealer were no help, but I wasn't holding my breath when I called them anyway.

I've got the generic electronics module in my sights as the next item to replace ($ proved the switch was good) but the lack of detail about what the GEM does leaves me with little confidence.
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I replaced the stalk assembly with a new one first. Did not fix.
I replaced the GEM (Generic Electronics Module) with one from eBay. Did not fix.
I replaced the motor with a rebuilt unit. Did not fix. Interestingly, it did not park at all in single swipe mode, whereas the original one still does.
The original parts are back in place. Nice pile of spares I've got there.

I'm stumped, but I haven't given up yet.

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It's highly unlikely that inductive loads such as wiper motors are directly wired to the Generic Electronic Module, unless the GEM provides its own isolation internally. Hopefully this CJB view can help you locate the relay.


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