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2007 Focus SE Tailgate Latch Electrical Issue

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Hello everyone,

I am the new owner of a 2007 Focus SE 4-door (USA). The tailgate doesn't unlock electrically. I discovered that the male connector wasn't inserted in the latch because the connectors don't match. The latch has a 3-wire female connector. The male connector has 4 wires and has a different form.

I am trying to figure out which one is right. I suspect that the latch has been changed but when I search for a replacement I find latches with 3-wire connectors like the one already installed in my car. Can there be 2 different latches on the same model/year car?
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Possibly, Ford has been known more than once to do that. I would assume the harness is correct but not guaranteed.

If part searching run up and down a year different in model ('06, '08) and see if the result changes to get what you want. Could be wrong latch assembly there. Could be an option level difference like with anti theft or none too.
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