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I have my '07 in for another dual mass flywheel and clutch. This will be the third clutch and second replacement flywheel and this time I am having a ford dealer do the work. Price difference is minimal and I'm not after a performance set up.

First trans shop installed aftermarket kit and surfaced the flywheel. Big no-no.

Second trans shop said they installed a Ford OEM kit and flywheel and their bill shows it. But I stopped by the dealer working on the car now the other day and looked at the parts they pulled. Look like aftermarket to me. LUK stamped on the slave cylinder and could find no Ford markings or part numbers on the clutch. So assuming the parts should have the Ford stamp and number on them that tells me the second trans shop did not install OEM.

When I commented about getting an OEM clutch this time the mechanic noted what they had installed (they had just put the tranny back in the car) is NOT OEM. I didn't grab the name on the box but I believe it is yellow and said Rhino. They installed OEM flywheel and aftermarket clutch kit. I told them to stop and told the parts manager I want OEM. She about had a heart attack and will be ordering one through a distributor Monday since she can't order direct from Ford. I find it hard to believe Ford dealers can't order parts from the company let alone install aftermarket parts. I can get that at the neighborhood mechanic or doing it myself.

My question is who makes the OEM clutches for the Focus? LUK? What are the OEM replacement brands out there and their reputation for reliability?

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