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Ok guys, I’m almost to the point of an engine swap. I’ve considered swapping to the 2011 2.5, with the 2.3 head, cosi intake with a CAI attached, then a header and exhaust out the back and keeping it naturally aspirated..... but I was on the expressway today cruising with a Camaro going as fast as the governor would let me. I was keeping up for the most part, but I wanted to make his $40,000 seem like a bad investment. I have a guy that can build a [email protected]$$ motor for me, but I still don’t think I’ll be happy with a N/A engine.

Will the 2013 DOHC 2.5 turbo fit in my 07 without changing the trans (5 speed), and keeping everything else in the same spot? I’m know I’ll have to tune it, but will I have to change the computer or any of the wiring harnesses? I know, at this point I should just buy a car with the drivetrain already in it, but this thing is so light I don’t want to.

Here’s a picture of my fresh paint job. It’s not perfect, but I can fix that.


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