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Just a thought about lowering the 2006 focus.

Parts needed:
1) Lowering kit of you choice for the 2005 (kit should include springs, struts and shocks)
2) upper spring perchs for the 2005
3) 2005 knuckles/spindles

From doing searches, it appears that the 2006 focus has a larger diameter strut housing base in the knuckle.

This appears to be the only difference causing problems in using the 2005 and earlier struts.
The problem with the springs, is the 06's are tapered at the top and bottom.

Another option is for someone to make a spacer to fit around the base of a 2005 or earlier strut. This would be cheaper, but not to sure about safety?

Has anyone with a performance shop here take the time to try this out with a 2005 and 2006. Maybe they could try changing the above setup with the two year models on one side. If it works its all good.

I have seen the 05-06 spinde on for about $100 each. But evidently they do not know its not the same part.

So basically your lowering kit plus an extra $200-250 for spindles, and probably about a hours of labor for those who do not do the work themselves.

This is an option for someone who wants to lower with the matching struts and shocks.

If you just need to lower with springs. Steeda has a set out for $250, and rumor Eibach has a set about now. Steeda's is already on their website.

Personally I perfer the whole matching kit. Also, I think if the strut housing is larger on the 2006, it would be very easy to make a larger strut bottom. I am beginning to wonder if the strut manufactures think it not a economic benefit to doing this. It looks like they are waiting until enough focus' have enough mileage, that enough people would need to replace worn sturts, to make them a profit.

Thoughts anyone. Anyone with extensive experience on the focus' suspension, to give pointers. I have read some earlier posts, and they are kind of old. There must be someone out there who has come up with a way to lower the 2006 with a kit, or maybe someone has done this to their vehicle already.
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