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Hey all. I'm the new proud owner of my dream car, a 2005 wagon. For me, hauling video gear requires a flat entry versus a hatchback, so after getting my Honda Fit sold (2010 MT sport, anyone want?) I'll be spending my time on my little blue wagon.

Definitely interested in saving fuel... my previous Fit got 7mpg above EPA with some mods...

The main thing right now is the swap the seats. Car has 106,000 and the previous owner must have been gargantuan, since the seat is all twisted to the outside and the back is canted to the passengers side. Weird.

So I'm thinking Sparco R100. Since my car is an SE, I don't have airbag seats, but I'm still concerned about the whole airbag wiring underneath. Someone in the forums suggested just making an "adapter bracket out of a sheet of 17"x12" steel plate. Paint it, drill 8 holes (4 for the stock seat bolt locations, 4 for the new seat bolts) bolt it onto the stock seat bracket and call it good. This way I still maintain height adjustment, as well as a decent slider."

That's what I'm planning. Anyone have advice/ experience on the non-airbag seat swap wiring options? It seems like all the warnings in forums were about airbag seats, and that I have less issues with mine right?

Thanks! I look forward to sharing the process to upgrade this car.
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