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Time to let it go :

2005 SES wagon
165000 miles
leather seats
SVT Mirrors
New rear shoes/mechanism w/functional parking brake
ABS functional
Front control arms (with one year of usage)
New rocker panels covers (surface rust)
Front links (with one year of usage)
New rear links
New 190* T-stat
Rear roof spoiler
2008 17-spoke wheels with shot tires AND 2006 OEM alloys w/decent winter tires
Windstar roof side rails w/rack AND OEM rack

All sounds good but :
  • engine light -> intake runner valve open (bad vacuum). Drive not affected
  • no A/C leak somewhere
As many Focus rust is present and badly undercarriage. One could possibly do some intensive repair to the frame.
Some surface rust at some places
No broken glass

Its price for rapid sale at 700US$.

I trust that car to the point that I can drive it to Northest US.

Pics will follow later today
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