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Welp guys. I'm back.... AGAIN lol

Just fixed my bearings in the rear, now I'm onto the next issue.

I have a reoccuring check engine light that comes on in my car. It stays for a few weeks, then disappears... like it never existed. When my check engine light is on, I run a diagnostic and it keeps referring to the coolant thermostat. P0128 is the code if I remember correctly (it's been a few weeks since I last scanned it). It reads "Coolant thermostat operating below regulating temperature." My heat works for the most part, and my engine temperature needle seems to hover right in the middle of my temp. gauge, which I assume is regular operating temperature.

Is it about time to break down and replace the thermostat? I've noticed that auto parts stores offer 2. One with a sensor which is over $100 bucks and one that is like $23 without the sensor. A buddy of mine checked it out and said it's the one without a sensor.

For this particular car it doesn't seem like you can get a thermostat without the housing.

Thanks for any insight guys.
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