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Heya folks. New here, mostly been lurking for a little while. I bought a 2005 ZX3 SE 5 Speed recently for a daily driver. It's fantastic on gas and I'm in green old Massachusetts so it's got the PZEV. It's probably the best daily driver I've ever owned at this point.

I'm writing to find out if it's pretty normal for the brake lights to be so sensitive in relation to the pressure put on the pedal. I literally could breath on the brake pedal and the brake lights will go on. Now normally I wouldn't care, it's not like I ride the brakes or keep my foot hovering over the pedal. I have noticed however there are times when I release the pedal, removing my foot completely and the brake lights remain on (easier to notice at night when I can still see the 3rd brake light glowing through the rear hatch glass). I have to lift up on the pedal and it moves a tiny amount probably no more than 1cm up and the lights go off. It's really just so touchy, I was joking with my friend in the car behind me and making the brake lights strobe just by moving the pedal slightly up and down quickly without ever putting actual pressure on the brakes, it seems there's a couple cm of play in the pedal movement before pressure actually goes to the brakes.

Well let me know if this is normal or what. I was going to bring it up at the dealer since it must be annoying when I don't notice (during the day when I can't see the 3rd light glowing) to other drivers behind me who think I might be slowing down or something. I figured I'd wait to hear from other Focus owners.

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