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OK, I got the parts, arranged for time on the lift at the auto hobby shop and we're off!

Dogbone cam out in 15 minutes from the time the vehicle was on the ground.
3/8" drive ratchet, 13mm shallow socket, 6" extension and a 3/8" drive torque wrench (Tighten to 35ft/lbs).

I decided to save a few bucks and get inserts. Someone broke the press at the hobby shop (first string of bad news) but the on call mechanic can squeeze me in. Oops, sorry, his 12:30 appointment is early and he can't. The factory bushings are pressed in and the outer sleeve is nylon, so I could have done them, but now it's a time issue. The local NAPA pressed them in for $40 and had them done while I was doing the fuel filter.

Fuel filter: All the books say Fram G8018, OK....
Schucks $11.99 on-line, $12.99 in store
Ford: $19.99
Wal-Mart: $6.89

Same filter, same shape and the Ford part comes with no protective end caps and no clips.

Wal-Mart it is!

Fuel filter is an EASY job, just minutes on the lift or jack stands. So, 8mm socket, 1/4" drive ratchet, 6" extension and it's dropped from the body, 7mm socket to loosen the clamp and the clips come out with a flat head screw driver. One broke, no big deal, it came with 2 new ones. Oh, wait... the clips were changed for the 2005 model and they are White (not beige) and 2/3rds the size of the ones provided. Good thing Ford has ONE in stock! $7 for ONE! Got to have it, can't run on one!

Reverse order, goes in with no problems at all, but I'm still sweating from the 2 mile walk to Ford.

That's when the "Dogbone" arrives. Since I removed all but the top bolt on the mounting bracket, I slid the large end in the body and snugged the bolt. The engine/transaxle was swung forward and the mount bolted back in, then I pulled the engine/trans back to the small end of the mount and it fit with little effort. Torqued all fasteners to 35ft/lbs and it's done!

SLIGHTLY more vibration at idle, TINY bit of noise increase, but SO worth it. The engine moves MUCH less than before and shifting is improved. I actually had to relearn the friction point on the clutch. I 'm much happier.

$19.99, $40 labor and $9 lift charge. Saving $60+ over a complete part. I would recommend a drop-in piece if you are pressed for time!
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