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2005 Focus ZX4 - just put on 100K - got P0705 twice in one week but not since

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2005 Ford Focus ZX4 - 2nd owner of car with no issues at all , but sold it to a friend and 2 days later the car did the amber flashing OverDrive warning for the friend but when I drove it it was fine. This happened twice and I could not replicate the failure.

After the first incident I gave it back to my friend and then they drove it the next day and the flashing O/D happened again. I go get the car and the O/D light was off and stayed off. Each time I drove it was heavy rain and I drove for 5 to 10 miles as a test drive with no issue.

This happened when here in California when we were getting heavy wind and rains for a week. Friend said that each time the Over Drive light starting flashing they were doing 25 to 30 mph and just a couple miles from leaving their home, the car limiter would kick in , slowing down the car and they had to pull over. They would turn off the ignition and then on turning it back on car drove normally and the OD light was cleared.

On the 2nd event, I took the car back from my friend and used my cheapy ODB2 reader to see what code was recorded P0705 (the Engine Control Module (ECM) or Transmission Control Module (TCM) has received an input error from the Transmission Range Sensor (TRS) and then cleared the P0705 code and proceeded to drive it for 3 weeks and 200 miles in city and freeway, driving when it was raining hard and my street had rain overflowing the curbs (it drove through some gullies just to wash up a significant spray underneath the engine) in case it was a weather related thing.

I am not much of a mechanic and what I learn is via internet searches and watching countless youtube videos. What I get out of it is that one of a couple sensors could trigger the code. But I am not one to just start replacing sensors without some confidence that one is bad. And the fact that the car would clear and drive fine right after the event had me leaning on some temporary issue and maybe even it being less of a sensor going bad but an issue with the ground to the frame not being solid. I also put my car up on ramps to examine the Transmission Position Sensor that is attached to the transmission housing. I didn't see any obvious wiring issues.

The only difference we can think of between when I drove it versus my friend is where the car got parked. I parked outside in my driveway and there was plenty of rain on the driveway and my friend parkson a dirt road turned to compacted mud. Just before this happened my daughter was driving this car in Arizona for a year in rain, snow and then drives home for Thanksgiving and a few weeks later we get the amber OverDrive light to flash those 2 times.

My mechanic said to keep driving it and bring it back if it acts up again....
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Here is one link on how to adjust range shift cable that I found. Any other good links that describe what to do for a hands on but not a mechanic DYIer?

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