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I have a 2005 zx3, 180k miles, manual trans, California car. The car starts and runs until it warms up. about 20 min into running the idle drops and dies, it wont start again until it cools down. The CEL shows a p0507, IAC higher then expected. There is power at the harness and I have replaced the IAC but the problem is still there. When I replaced the IAC valve the care idled for well over an hour with no problems but when I tried running it again the next day I was back at the 20 min. I have attached the freeze frame that was saved.

This car has been sitting for most of a year, not used much due to working from home. Just before it was parked I replaced the PCV hose and valve. The battery was replaced last week due to bad cells. Any help would be of great help.

Thank you
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