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Hi guys,
I have a 2004 ZX5 2.0 DOHC with 4 speed automatic transmission 3S4P-7000-DA with 212k original miles on both the engine and transmission. This car is a hot rod when running 93 octane and Lucas triple-octane fuel additive. Last night, I was hot-rodding and was coasting to a stop at a light that turned green and, before coming to a complete stop, I hammered the gas pedal hard. The car lifted and jumped forward as usual but, this time, there was a metalic sounding pop I think (hard to discern over the Led Zeppelin at full volume], and then nothing but neutral. I coasted to the roadside. Towed it 3 miles home with a tow strap.

Symptoms are these:
Motor starts/runs beautifully as usual.
Transmission still has Park - the car can't be rolled.
All other gears are basically neutral and with the engine running it feels like the shifter flows freely across all the gears without engaging anything, almost as if the shift linkange has disconnected (but then how could it find Park?).

Some of the transmission shops I spoke with on the phone today told me it was blown, of course, sight unseen.

Any ideas? Think I blew the tranny? Or just some of the module(s)? I know next to nothing about servicing transmissions but I am considering purchasing a reman or a used tranny and installing myself if this one is gone and looking forward to any help or advise I can find on this forum.

Thanks, Larry H
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